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Daytime TV's #1 Court Show HOT BENCH is back for another hit season with real-life cases!

Production is inviting individuals (ages 18+) to be a part of their in-person background audience for a 2-DAY BOOKING!



No exceptions!


TICKETS ARE FREE and all audience members WILL appear on camera!



Get your free tickets to attend a taping of HOT BENCH from A+ Audiences and you can participate in a PAID Market Research Survey after the show. 


This special incentive for attending is offered exclusively to A+ Audiences Ticket Holders ONLY and is paid at a special rate of $17/hr for your time spent at each taping from show "start time" to show "wrap time".

Studio Location:        Hollywood, CA

          TAPE DATES       

TUESDAY September 19

Check-In Time: 8:30am
Start Time:  9:00am

Anticipated Wrap Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm


WEDNESDAY September 20

Check-In Time: 8:30am
Start Time:  9:00am

Anticipated Wrap Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

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Hot Bench.jpg

Are you interested in attending a television taping as part of the LIVE Studio Audience? 

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