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Rules and Regulations

All individuals who participate as on-camera virtual audience members are eligible to win the following prizes just by attending and participating in the taping of the show!

  • One (1) main “WIN YOUR RENT” Prize (up to $2,000.00). See rules & conditions below.

  • One (1) $250 in VENMO CASH.


  • Two (2) $100 TARGET Giftcards. 

  • Four (4) One (1) Month of NETFLIX Giftcards



  • $100 in VENMO CASH for the Best Dressed Male & Female Virtual Audience Participants.

  • $25 AMAZON GIFTCARDS for Best Audience Reactions & Participation.

Here's how this GIVEAWAY works:

  1. Every free virtual audience "ticket holder" who participates in the full taping of the entire episode on either August 14, 2020 or August 15, 2020 is automatically eligible to win.

  2. Attending only a partial taping of an episode makes a participant ineligible.

  3. Each eligible participant’s name will be entered into a Raffle Draw and ONE (1) ENTRY WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM for each of the available prizes until all prizes have been awarded.

  4. The participant whose name is drawn for a prize shall be deemed the “Winner” of that prize.

  5. Once a participant’s name has been drawn and the prize for that individual draw awarded, the participant’s name shall be reentered into the raffle drawing for a chance to win another yet to be awarded prize.

  6. Odds of winning depend on the number of participants participating as "Free Virtual Audience Members" at each taping of the show. The maximum number of participants allowed to participate in a taping is 120.

  7. The raffle drawing itself and the announcement of each of the Winners will be made LIVE by a member of the Production Staff, or an individual appointed by Production Staff, on a ZOOM video conferencing call after the taping of each show. Eligible participants will be invited to view and/or participate in the ZOOM video conferencing call via a private ZOOM link that will be emailed to all eligible participants after the taping.

  8. Eligible participants do not have to be present on the ZOOM video conferencing call where the raffle drawing will take place in order to be declared a Winner.

  9. All Winners will be notified by email of the prize(s) they have been awarded with instructions on how to claim the prize(s).

  10. The Winner of the “WIN YOUR RENT” Prize, agrees to provide A+ Audiences with (i) a copy of their rental lease agreement, (ii) proof of address and (iii) a copy of their most recent cancelled rent check, electronic rent payment and/or receipt. The maximum dollar amount to be awarded for the “WIN YOUR RENT” Prize is $2,000.00 USD and will be made payable to the Winner’s him/herself via check and mailed via U.S. Postal Service, registered mail, return receipt requested, on or before August 31, 2020 to an address to be provided by winner.

  11. If a Winner chooses not to claim their prize(s), or forfeits their prize(s) by not claiming it and/or providing Virtual TV Audiences with the necessary information as, for example, mentioned in#10 above, and/or with payment and/or delivery instructions required in order for A+ Audiences to deliver the prize(s) to the Winner within thirty (30) calendar days of the drawing, said prize(s) shall be deemed forfeited and shall remain the property of Production. No other eligible participant(s) will be drawn, named, identified and/or declared a Winner.

  12. All prizes must be claimed within thirty (30) calendar days of the raffle drawing. Production and/or A+ Audiences are not obligated to notify a Winner of any prize(s), beyond the initial announcement and/or notification of the prize(s) awarded at the time of the raffle drawing via the ZOOM videoconferencing call itself and; the email notification sent to a Winner after the raffle drawing. All participants agree that A+ Audiences may use the email address to contact and/or notifyWinners that the winning participant provided to A+ Audiences in their original online submission request to participate as a "Free Virtual Audience Member" via the website.

  13. By participating in the taping of the show, all participants acknowledge and agree that only A+ Audiences is responsible for the raffle drawing and the awarding of any prize(s) and not the show itself, its producers, officers, directors, agents, employees, affiliates and/or assigns. Winner(s) agree to look only to A+ Audiences for the redemption and/or claiming of any prize(s) awarded.

  14. Participants also acknowledge and agree that A+ Audiences is not responsible for lost, stolen, unused, misused or abused prize(s) and agrees not hold A+ Audiences and/or any of its officers, directors, agents, employees, affiliates and/or assigns liable for any damages, in any manner, form or amount, for any direct or indirect loss suffered and/or incurred by Winner as a direct or indirect result of any lost, stolen, unused, misused or abused prize(s).

  15. All participants, whether or not deemed eligible or ineligible, acknowledge and agree that the name(s) of any Winner(s) identified by A+ Audiences, including the decision(s) to award a prize for ‘Best Dressed” and/or “Best Audience Reaction or Participation” is final, nonnegotiable and undisputable.


Thank you, and of course... good luck!

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